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Get Your Exterior Wall Covered with Cement Rendering in Sydney

Cement rendering is one of the best ways to add value to your property. Cement rendering can be applied to both the interior and exterior walls and can use can be customized with any acrylic render and texture you choose to suit your needs.

Steps which we follow for cement rendering

Step 1

To cement render your property, first we apply a layer of cement to the wall,

Step 2

Then we texturize, and apply render paint and finish the rendering to achieve the desired look and aesthetic you chose.

If you are looking for cement rendering in Sydney, Alcore Rendering has the most competitive pricing in the market with a wide range of customizations and options to choose from. Not only do we provide affordable services, but we also provide excellent customer service and high-quality products.

Whether you choose to apply a rough and texturized layer to the exterior walls of your house, or a smooth, coloured premixed layer to the interior walls of your living room, our renderers have thorough knowledge and tools to transform your vision into reality.

If you are looking for affordable prices and a professional touch in your home with cement rendering, for either external or internal walls of your house, contact Alcore Rendering today.

We provide services in all the major locations in and around Sydney, including Campbelltown.

How much does cement rendering cost?

The cost of cement render for rendering external walls may vary depending upon the size of the wall. The wide cement renders in Sydney may cost around $12000 for cement render. The cement rendering prices in Sydney may change depending upon the kind of service and texture one desire.

How long does it take to cement render a home?

The time duration for rendering external walls depends upon the size of the wall. Cement rendering is a very easy process. It does not take much time to complete cement rendering in Sydney. It may take around 2-4 working days to complete cement rendering.

How long do you wait until painting over cement renders?

The water-based paints can be used to paint the cement render after 14 days. The oil-based paints can be applied on the surface after around 5 days. There are many wide cement renderers in Sydney providing optimum cement rendering in Campbeltown and allied areas. Rendering external walls can help you to add more beauty to your house and give it a distinctive look.

How much does rendering external walls cost?

The cost of rendering external walls cost around $12000. The cement rendering cost in Sydney may vary as per the size of the external walls. The cement rendering prices in Sydney may differ based on the texture of the cement render, size of wall and rendering service provider.

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